A new hierarchy for open market procurements places highest priority with SDVOSBs first, then all other small business categories. This procurement authority, and its subsequent implementation, is a logical extension of VA’s mission to care for our Nation’s Veterans. The Veteran’s Administration, through the Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE), ensures that set-aside funds are awarded to legitimate firms owned and controlled by Veterans and Service-disabled Veterans. During Verification, the CVE verifies SDVOSBs/VOSBs according to the tenets found in Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 74 that address Veteran eligibility, ownership, and control.


The Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concern Procurement Program is to provide procuring agencies with the authority to set acquisitions aside for exclusive competition among service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns, as well as the authority to make sole source awards to service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns if certain conditions are met. (See Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 13 C.F.R. § 125.8-125.10). A CO may award a sole source contract if:

• If the requirement is not exempted from SDVO contracting and cannot be set-aside.

• The CO does not have a reasonable expectation that at least two responsible SDVO SBCs will submit offers.

• The anticipated award price of the contract, including options, will not exceed:

o $6.5M for all manufacturing requirements

o $4.0M for all other requirements

o Award can be made at a fair market price.


$10-Billion ceiling IDIQ; 5yr Base w/ one 5yr option with a Low Contract Access Fee (0.75%). The contract offers simple to complex IT service solutions such as: IT help desk support, information assurance, cyber-security, virtualization, IPV6, Web 2.0, and more. For more information please visit the GSA 8(a) STARS II website

• Directed (sole sourced) Task Orders up to $4Million.

• Contract types: FFP, T&M, and Labor.

• No protests on orders under $10M

• Telum Prime Contract #: GS00Q17GWD2055

• Telum DUNS #: 826985066

• Telum STARS II Program Manager: Jill Greenleaf; (910)684-4765


HCaTS contracts provide solutions to all federal agencies through the effort of bona-fide executive, administrative, and professional employees as defined in Part 541 of Title 29, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).Please visit the GSA HCATS website

• Long-term planning Comprehensive Customized Solution (TOTAL) for Human Capital and Training Services

• Best in Class! With Highly Technically Rated contractors pool

• Allows maximum flexibility for customers

• Allows all contract types (including Hybrid)

• Allows commercial/non-commercial services for CONUS/OCONUS

• Allows ancillary services & other direct costs at the task order level.

RS3 Special Activities

Telum provides a USSOCOM customer with services that include technology insertion, systems integration and systems, engineering, software engineering, modeling and simulation, research, development, testing and evaluation, installation, hardware, studies and analyses, technical data management, logistics support, training and exercise support, construction support, and other essential capabilities as required to support all Special Operations Training and Advanced Skill course requirements.


Telum Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development is an $800M ceiling and 5-year, IDIQ contract. AEWD supports Army Red Team efforts and other activities that provide timely response toward enhancing Army Expeditionary Forces, Joint Warfighters with Army Components, and organizations that encounter and influence agile/adaptable threats. These include development or enhancement to items and systems for employment against rapidly evolving threats and in partnership building initiatives for items and systems employed by small units, expeditionary and special operations forces and other irregular warfare operators. Efforts may include studies, technical investigations, research, development, experimentation, assessments, limited quantity delivery and in-theatre field logistics support for appropriate end-items or systems. Items or systems developed under this contract shall generally be of maturity for field demonstration and assessment by military or Government operations personnel in an operational or operational-like environment. Technology Transition for Advanced Research and Development: Provide industrial, organizational and technical support to transition ARL technologies into capabilities. Technologies may include: advanced communications devices and systems; information technologies; electronic, mechanical and electro-mechanical systems; field power generation technologies; and advanced materials. Focus Areas are:

• Countering Adaptable Threats

• Irregular Warfare Support

• Expeditionary Forces and Special Operations

• Deployable Force Protection

• Countering Adaptable Threats


Telum provides CTTSO customers with services under a 5-year, $48 million, IDIQ contract. It directly supports the Technical Support Working Group’s mission to develop technologies and equipment to meet high priority needs. SWTS focuses on Special Operations technical capabilities, specifically the Find and Fix lines of effort within Special Warfare. The requirements on this vehicle fall into the categories of rapid system and capabilities development, training, and commercial technology exploitation and independent test and evaluation. More specifically, the technology focus areas include:

• Tactical Communications

• Close and Long Range Reconnaissance

• Specialized Access

• Target Acquisition

• Technical Surveillance


Telum supports NAVSEA and its warfare centers in all 7 contracting zones. We are prepared to vigorously support worldwide services with high quality work, attention to mission responsiveness, and application of best business practices. Our vision is to focus on customer fulfillment activities and be a persuasive asset to NAVSEA and its Warfare Centers in accomplishing vital work in the years ahead.

SeaPort-Next Generation (NxG)

Telum is a Prime contract holder! We support NAVSEA and its warfare centers in 23 functional Areas. This is the follow-on vehicle to Seaport-e. The government estimates approximately $5,000,000,000 of services will be procured per year via orders issued under the SeaPort-NxG multiple award contracts. SeaPort-NxG is a five-year base period of performance with an additional five-year ordering period option. We will carry over our successful support under SeaPort-e to NxG for NAVSEA.


Telum provides USSOCOM support under a 4-year, IDIQ. We provide support services to the Special Operations Forces (SOF) Warfighter, Component and Support Organizations under the SOCOM Wide Mission Support (SWMS) Group B contract, under which USSOCOM Headquarters, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), and the Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOCs) are able to procure. Under this contract, CASE is able to perform the following functions:

• Training and Education Support Services

• Management Support Services

• Administrative Support Services

Special Operations Mission Area Support

Telum provides qualified personnel to perform SOF unique tasks at various CONUS locations supporting the Special Operations Forces (SOF) and SOF critical enabler Service communities. Each position supports an effort that focuses on the development and integration of program elements, curricula, and/or course modules to support education, training, and/or equipping of highly skilled, critical thinking warfighters, capable of leveraging and providing support to operations of strategic national significance.


Telum provides analyses, training, management and improvement, supply chain support, outreach and human resources and staffing services through VA’s Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness (VECTOR) contract. This CV has a $25 billion ceiling that covers general management and business support services to the VA. Vector is a five-year base period and five option years and is a set-aside program for service-disabled, veteran-owned small businesses.