Consulting and Operational Support (COS)

Telum provides services to clients worldwide to enhance operational capabilities, mitigate risks, and support informed decisions. Telum provides management, expeditionary planning, communications and medical support. Telum utilizes a team of senior interagency executives and academics who provide senior mentorship, executive role player support, and institutional knowledge. These consultants include retired ambassadors and flag officers, as well as other senior executives with on-the-ground experience in development, intelligence and stability operations.



Information Technology Solutions (ITS)

Telum conceives, designs, develops, deploys and administers IT solutions in a wide range of environments. Our services include: IT security operations, long term Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Interactive Multimedia Instruction, Collaborative Portal customization and maintenance. ITS is the home for Telum’s proprietary social network and open source media analysis capability, The Gist Mill® & MetaMetrics®. Both systems leverage Big Data analytics technology to enable unprecedented analysis of social networks, cyber threats, and open source media around the globe.



Training and Technical Support (TTS)

Telum delivers engineering of sensitive technical systems and logistics to the US Government, partner nations and corporate clients. Telum develops, engineers, manufactures, trains, and deploys country-specific and agency-specific solutions for challenges that military and civilians agencies face in all environments. Telum conceives, develops, administers and evaluates training across a wide range of environments to include: long term field training, classrooms supported by advanced technical support, and distance learning employing our hosted learning management system.



telum courses

Interagency Executive Communications

Interagency Executive Communications enhances participant ability to operate professionally and effectively in an interagency and cross-cultural environment – in particular, a US Embassy. This seminar, presented in a 3-day format, provides an overview of the concepts of communicating with executives, presenting technical material, understanding organizational culture, and conducting effective meetings in the interagency environment. Telum reinforces this learning tailored with practical exercises that replicate a likely mission and environment of the participants.

Cross-Cultural Communications

This seminar prepares participants to develop their cultural competence to enable them to recognize, understand, and work effectively across cultures. The course is presented by subject matter experts who not only possess detailed understanding of cross-cultural communications, but also offer first-hand ethnic and cultural perspectives from their work in field environments. These individuals have experienced, first hand, the elements of cross cultural communications that are successful. Participants will enhance their approaches to cross-cultural communications and optimize strategies for successful communications across cultures.

Methods of Instruction across Cultures

Different cultures perceive, retain and operationalize information in different ways. This five day course combines the concepts of instructional design with developing curricula that is optimized to the cultural components of the training audience. Participants first explore the way all humans learn and then develop an understanding for the role of culture in developing courses that consider the specific cultural characteristics of their audiences. Participants also develop an understanding of, and strategies for, the challenges of presenting instructional material through interpreters.

Leveraging Social Media

Telum designed a 2-day course that enhances the student’s ability to effectively utilize social media in support of their employer’s desired objectives. This intensive course provides an overview of the history of social media, recognizing and understanding social media sources, how to identify influencers, understanding regional social media customs and traditions, messaging and measures of effectiveness. Telum reinforces this learning with real-time, geographically relevant social media collection and analysis on the most advance analytical platform in the industry.

Advanced Negotiations

Advanced Negotiations aggressively builds on the foundations presented in Interagency Executive Communications. This course focuses on influencing and negotiating effectively in the face of complicated situations. You'll learn optimal tactics and strategies for working one-on-one, in groups and at a distance. Explore communication strategies, enabling you to work more effectively with multiple groups and across cultures, addressing challenges ranging from simple gender differences to emerging global issues. This course features hands-on activities and opportunities for practice, including a continued emphasis on becoming a skilled and effective negotiator.