TELUM develops fast and reliable technical and operational solutions within the core delivery areas of Training & Technical Support (TTS), Consulting and Operational Support (COS), and Information Technology Solutions (ITS).


  • Training and Technical Support (TTS)

    Telum develops curriculum, programs of instruction, provides certified and experienced cleared instructors, evaluates training and manages training programs. Type of instruction is designed to meet specific client requirements and can be taught at Telum classrooms located in Southern Pines, NC, client sites, and/or across a wide range of environments to include: long term field training and distance learning. We also deliver engineering of sensitive technical systems and logistics to the US Government, partner nations and corporate clients. Telum develops, engineers, manufactures, trains, and deploys country-specific and agency-specific solutions for challenges that military and civilians agencies face in all environments.

  • Consulting and Operational Support (COS)

    Telum’s services enhance operational capabilities, mitigate risks, and support informed decisions. Telum provides program management, expeditionary planning, communications and medical support. Telum utilizes a team of senior interagency executives and academics who provide senior mentorship, executive role player support, and institutional knowledge. These consultants include retired ambassadors and flag officers, as well as other senior executives. Program Management experts are PMP and ORSA Trained professionals. We develop accurate requirements, manage lifecycle activities, and measurable performance standards ensuring intended outcomes are on time and within budget.


  • Information Technology Solutions (ITS)

    Telum conceives, designs, develops, deploys and administers IT solutions in a wide range of environments. Our services include: IT security operations, long term Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Interactive Multimedia Instruction, Collaborative Portal customization and maintenance. ITS is the home for Telum’s proprietary social network and open source media analysis capability, The Gist Mill® & MetaMetrics®. Both systems leverage Big Data analytics technology to enable unprecedented analysis of social networks, cyber threats, and open source media around the globe.






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